Verified: Trump Russian Dossier Fabricated by Hillary Clinton for $12 Million

After months of highly intensive deliberation and a furious hailstorm of fake news from the main stream television news the gig is finally up.

The undeniable truth is gloriously uncovered and revealed - The Trump Russian Dossier Fabricated by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS & Perkins Coie LLP is a fraud.

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The facts:

  • Fact 1: The Obama administration sold a large amount of uranium to the Russians through his committee Cifius, nice name aye? This committee was comprised primarily of Clinton foundation board members including Hillary Clinton, who profited personally and indirectly through the 'foundation' to the tune of NINE figures from the sale!
  • Fact 2: The dossier which was used as a predicate for investigations into Trump's alleged collusion with the Russians to interfere with the presidential election results was fabricated and said fabrication was sponsored by Clinton and other democrats through Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie LLP and an ex British spy Christopher Steele,.
  • Fact 3: Clinton used her money and influence to rig the primary elections to cheat and steal any chance Bernie Sanders may have had to even enter the final running for the presidential election.
  • Fact 4: James Comey's firing has been consistently distorted and controverted before our eyes by the mainstream media as an act performed by Trump to prevent Comey from investigating any Trump Russia election scam connections. In reality it is prove that Comey was protecting Clinton in the case of the irresponsible mishandling of classified national security information including storing the emails of the laptop of Anthony Weiner. Weiner of course now a convicted sex offender for sexting with an underage girl.

It goes on further with the relationship between the Clintons and Obama and the Russians, do the research yourself to authenticate that. The Trump Russian Dossier fabricated by Hillary Clinton to shift the attention from her and her cohorts underhanded election cheating among other things has now backfired. Like or hate Trump, let the truth be known. As you may be and hopefully are aware of we are in an age of awakening. It's an epic understatement to say that it is monumental to see this type of corruption publicly exposed.

Further Investigations

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch had to sue the State Department to obtain emails from Clinton's server, and they did, revealing what documents an obviously corrupt State Department refused to release without a court order. This is an outstanding example of the importance of education in the area of law and a beautiful demonstration of honest and productive use of the judicial process.

"Thanks to Judicial Watch litigation, we now know that classified information from Hillary Clinton’s email server has been found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman from New York who was married to Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The fact that classified information has been found from Clinton and Abedin on Weiner’s laptop shows the urgent need for a criminal investigation by the Justice Department." --JW President Tom Fitton

Trump Russian Dossier fabricated by Hillary Clinton as explained by Jennine Pirro with razor sharp articulate precision in this video.

Judicial Watch is a private organization that has been involved in lawfully challenging the secretive corruption in the United States corporation (US government as known to most) since the presidential administration of William Clinton. The technique employed in these law suits has been primarily the utilization of the Freedom of Information Act, a document that was likely drawn up to allow further spying and surveillance on the people and citizens of this country. However most any tool can be used for positive benevolent or hateful oppressive purposes much like the case of technology and specifically the internet.

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