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D-Wave Releases Qbsolv Open Source Quantum Computing Software

We see the power of community and collaboration is recognized by top minds as D-wave releases Qbsolv open source quantum computing software and thereby makes it accessible, and editable to all. If you know much about Linux or WordPress you know that the power of open sourced software platforms is a step away from proprietary…
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Shane Curran Receives Award for qCrypt Quantum Encryption

16 Yr Old Irish Teenager Wins BT Young Award for qCrypt Quantum Encryption

16 yr old Shane Curran, unveils qCrypt: ”The quantum-secure, encrypted, data storage solution with multijurisdictional quorum sharding technology” OneS of the most highly circulated facts pertaining to quantum computers is their slightly troubling aptitude for defeating public-key cryptography algorithms.  What would have taken a conventional computer months or years to successfully break through, a quantum…
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