Portland Weather | Record Snowstorm Leaves 9 to 13 Inches of Snow

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Portland Weather | Record Snowstorm Leaves 9 to 13 Inches of Snow

Portland Weather Snow Storm 2017

Portland weather has seen some serious winter snowstorms in the past, but the January 11th snow fall, leaving as much as 13 inches in some areas, is surely among the most severe in recent decades.

Recorded as the most snow fall in ten years in the NW, this round in the recurring series of freezing conditions in recent months is officially reported to have left dozens if not hundreds of vehicles abandoned or stuck.  Portland Weather Snow Storm 2017 In addition to those figures a phenomenal combined total of 30,000 people were reported to be without power on wednesday January 11th in clackamas and multnomah counties alone and some experienced internet outages as well. The oregon department transportation decreed the requirement of chain usage for all vehicles bold enough to travel Wednesday morning, and called in plows and snow removal vehicles and equipment reinforcements from all around oregon state. School closures and work cancellations were abundant as could be expected and dozens could be seen traveling about the streets on cross country skis.

While sleds flew off shelves by the droves, snow shovels sold out at local stores within moments of opening. Those working Lyft drivers were on call with an extremely high volume of riders wishing to travel despite the obstacles created by the snow fall without the risk of damaging personal vehicles. Others saw the opportunity for service work and craiglist was populated with ads offering snow removal and salting of walkways. The temperature is predicted to drop over the course of the coming days and thus the snow will undoubtedly remain for a while.  Portland Weather Snow Storm Mt Tabor 2017Those people who would see the situation as an opportunity for fun and frolicking flocked to local Mt. Tabor park bearing everything imaginable from the obvious instruments such as snowboards, toboggans, sleds and inner tubes to the thrifty and practical garbage can lids and rubbermaid containers on to the exotic Portland Weather Snow Storm Giant Swan Sled 2017inflatable mattresses and even a blow up swan.


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