Blue Super Blood Moon Eclipse Event January 31st 2018

For the first time since March 31st 1866  we will witness a Blue Super Blood Moon Eclipse, an event that is comprised of:

    • A Blue (full) Mo
    • A Lunar Eclipse
    • A Supermoon
    • 11:11 Opposing Sun & Moon Alignment (each at eleven degrees)

It is an instance of two full moons that occur within the span of a single month, correspondingly it will also be the fourth moon in a winter season cycle that normally contains only 3 full moon cycles. The event will be in the sign of Leo, as was the previous monumental Total Solar Eclipse witnessed last year.

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During a Blood Moon / Lunar Eclipse the rays of the sun are affected by elements of the earth's atmosphere allowing more red light to pass through and inhibiting the passage of light on the green and violet light side of the spectrum. Our results are a highly pronounced red light at the moment of the eclipse shining on the moon with a vast reduction in the brightness and alteration color of the light we are accustomed to seeing during the full moon period.  A blood moon is actually inherently an phenomenon created by an eclipse.

The full moon will be the closest to earth in the season and can focus one's attention on intimate and specifically private relationships.

Ancient knowledge teaches us that this cycle is a wonderful time to reset your emotions, release and let go.  This specific profound Blue Super Blood Moon Eclipse alignment is also indicative of crossroads in your life, and new doors opening with great opportunity for fortunate endeavors in 2018.  It is said to be a time ripe for receiving Special Readings and ceremonies to attract what you want in your life.

The geometry of the astral bodies, specifically the equally opposing orientation of the Sun and the Moon, each at 11 degrees also provides a nice synchronstic 11:11 coincidence.

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