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Computers in Peril: Meltdown/Spectre CPU Issues Explained

Everyone with a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, or smartphone struggles against malware and hacker attacks at some point, but the current news spreading on major networks and the internet warns of a darker, more insidious threat. Across platforms equiped with all types of CPUs and major operating systems, the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities lurk.…
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Verified: Trump Russian Dossier Fabricated by Hillary Clinton for $12 Million

After months of highly intensive deliberation and a furious hailstorm of fake news from the main stream television news the gig is finally up. The undeniable truth is gloriously uncovered and revealed – The Trump Russian Dossier Fabricated by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS & Perkins Coie LLP is a fraud. The…
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super blood blue moon eclipse 2018, January 31st 2018, supermoon, blue moon, leo, March , 11;11, Sun Opposing Moon,1866

Blue Super Blood Moon Eclipse Event January 31st 2018

For the first time since March 31st 1866  we will witness a Blue Super Blood Moon Eclipse, an event that is comprised of: A Blue (full) Mo A Lunar Eclipse A Supermoon 11:11 Opposing Sun & Moon Alignment (each at eleven degrees) It is an instance of two full moons that occur within the span…
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Protests and U.S. Discrict Court Battles Over Trump's Executive Order Banning Muslims

Chaos Protests and U.S. District Court Battles Over Muslim Ban in the US.

Open any paper or news web site today and you will see that the buzz and controversy over Trump’s executive order is far from over.  From protest and public outcry to U.S. District Court battles over the Muslim ban and it’s perceived lack of adhesion to constitutional protections, the events and conflict surrounding the action…
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D-Wave Releases Qbsolv Open Source Quantum Computing Software

We see the power of community and collaboration is recognized by top minds as D-wave releases Qbsolv open source quantum computing software and thereby makes it accessible, and editable to all. If you know much about Linux or WordPress you know that the power of open sourced software platforms is a step away from proprietary…
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